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Annonce Algeria

Annonce Algeria As part of the promotion of investment in the field of aquaculture, the Algerian Chamber of Fisheries and Aquaculture, organizes a business meeting with the Spanish company everis Ingeneria to expose the experience of the latter in the field of aquaculture.

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Raising money from catfish in Ghana

These ponds can feed a family for several months once the catfish mature When oil and gas were discovered in Takoradi, western Ghana, many young people thought that their futures were assured. But their hopes were quickly dashed. Could catfish provide a way out of their poverty? For young people …

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Eating Fish The best feeding therapy for humanity

By  M.G Imam, Bau Chi State University, Nigeria. Healthy diets almost always contain fish, a protein food with fewer calories than other meat sources. It’s also one of nature’s most versatile foods. As well as different species of fish, you can steam, bake, fry or poach fish. But there have …

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